Rainbow Collection Nepal sources the world’s finest quality wool and silk yarns from Tibet, New Zealand, and China.




Tibetan wool, the primary content of our rugs is sourced from Himalayan sheep in Tibet. Raw wool is sorted by hand which is then washed to remove impurities.



Raw wool is hand carded through a process that disentangles and intermixes them together. This prevents unorganized clumps to prepare it for the next step.



Chakras or hand wheels are used to spin raw wool into fine or coarse yarns. These yarns are in turn dyed to color and used to weave our rugs.

Galaincha to design and graph


We have extensive experience designing rugs with Galaincha - the rug design software. Our highly trained rug designers can provide you with bespoke renderings that help you visualize your rugs even before they are made. Once designs are finalized, we produce their corresponding graphs which are used for weaving. 



Swiss dyes free from harmful chemicals


Rainbow Collection Nepal is one of the few rug manufacturers that has an in house dyeing facility. We go the extra step to ensure that only high quality Swiss dyes are used in our rugs which produce delightful colors and are free from harmful chemicals.



Blending traditional eastern technique with western taste


Our rugs are woven on large looms that can easily be set to accommodate custom shapes and sizes. Cotton threads are vertically warped around each loom which provides for the strong foundation of our rugs. Once the loom is ready, yarns are knotted around each cotton thread stretched horizontally and vertically across frames.

After the rug is woven and brought off loom, our weavers use a sharp needle-like instrument to poke through the reverse side of the rug. This evens the back of the rug and prevents any yarns from protruding. Similarly, the front is trimmed with cutting machines to provide a proportionate level to its surface. Patterns are also carved with scissors by our expert artisans which makes them more prominent and visually attractive.

Through modern technology, we have derived a way to use this ancient production technique to produce modern rugs that can be cherished for many generations.



How about that natural spring water wash


Rainbow Collection Nepal has an in house washing plant that facilitates all our cleaning processes. We ensure that our rugs are washed thoroughly in an eco-friendly manner with natural soap and spring water thereby making it not only safe, but also providing a natural shine to our rugs. Our facility is also equipped to collect, filter and store rain water to reuse it during dry seasons.



Sending rugs around the world


Our highly trained managers perform a thorough check of our rugs to ensure all rugs meet our high quality standards before they are shipped. Our rugs are then packed with eco-friendly materials once our managers give the go ahead.

Rainbow Collection Nepal has partnered with courier and cargo agencies to provide competitive air cargo and door-to-door delivery rates to all parts of the world.